Whatever the situation, it’s always important that you can recognize the sounds around you.

Our new BiCore hearing aids ensure you can clearly hear speech sounds such as a remark made by a colleague or friend, while also staying aware of other sounds in the environment such as the sounds of machinery, a phone ringing, or background music.

With M-Core you always hear what’s important, automatically


Our latest generation of hearing aids use proven MotionCore technology to recognize and adapt to your environment, automatically. 

They are designed to be durable, practical and easy-to-use. 


Connect to every soundscape naturally and easily.

With TruCore™, you can rely on a comfortable and natural listening experience. Whether you are in a noisy restaurant, reverberant setting like an auditorium or mall, or even while enjoying a concert.

TruCore provides a more natural listening experience and features technology, including the Voice Ranger and Music Enhancer.

MyCore Technology: A reliable, perfect combination of natural sound and direct streaming. 

MyCore combines the best of two worlds: direct audio streaming from iPhones and advanced binaural signal processing that lets you hear more comfortably and naturally, and MyVoice that allows you to hear your own voice as naturally as possible.