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Clearer Hearing Ahead:

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Puretone Audiometry

Specializing in Puretone Audiometry, we ensure precise hearing assessments through both air and bone conduction methods.


Assess the health of your middle ear with our advanced Tympanometry tests.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Transform your auditory experience with our expertly tailored hearing aid fittings.

Soft Silicon Ear Mold/Earplug

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and precision with our custom-made soft silicon earmolds and earplugs.

Videonystagmography (VNG)

Diagnose the root cause of dizziness with our precise VNG tests.

Otoacoustic Emission and Automated ABR

Otoacoustic Emission is a vital for newborn hearing screening, assessing the inner ear's response to sound. Automated ABR and ASSR delve into understanding how the brain reacts to auditory stimuli, providing insights into neural auditory processing.

Eustachian Tube Function Test

Gain insights into the performance of your Eustachian tube with our function tests.

Speech Audiometry

Understand your speech hearing capabilities with our comprehensive Speech Audiometry testing.


Offering a holistic approach to auditory testing, whether it's ABR, or ASSR.

Middle Ear Muscle Reflex Test

Our reflex tests provide a thorough assessment of the vital reflexes in your middle ear.