TruCore Mosaic 6c

Mosaic™ hearing aids are available with TruCore™ technology. They offer a versatile combination of amplification solutions for a wide range of hearing losses with a variety of modern technological features. With Mosaic, you can rely on a natural sound experience and a high level of wearing comfort.

Mosaic S and Mosaic M 6c BTE Features

Equipped with a rugged, comfortable housing, the rechargeable Mosaic S M 6c BTE are suitable for nearly all wearing preferences and listening needs.

  • Automatic Directional Mic
  • Six programs
  • Voice Ranger
  • Reverb Reducer
  • XPhone (Cross Phone)
  • Music Enhancer
  • Tinnitus Function
  • Durable SecureTec IP67-rated construction
  • Bluetooth® compatible
  • Rexton App compatible

Mosaic P and HP 6c BTE

Mosaic hearing aids feature a durable, comfortable housing for nearly all hearing needs. They are fully featured with wireless remote audio streaming and useful apps. Mosaic P and HP fit up to profound hearing loss

Mosaic P and HP 6c BTE Features

Equipped with a durable, comfortable housing, these rechargeable hearing aids are suitable for nearly all listening needs.

All Mosaic models
T-coil, audio streaming, and useful accessories provide flexibility for the wearer. Apps allow for discreet control.

Mosaic P 6c
Thin tube or earhook, rocker switch, t-coil with autophone, direct audio input (DAI), up to 75dB of gain.

Mosaic HP 6c
Durable SecureTec IP67-rated construction