Mosaic M /P 8C BTE

MyCore Mosaic M 8C BTE

The relieable BTE that fits any ear. The Mosaic BTE is a highly discreet device that provides great control and easy handling with both Rexton App and Smart Key remote.

Size 13 battery

For a longer battery life and less battery changes.Flexible fitting

Use with a standard earhook or ThinTube.

MyCore Mosaic P 8C BTE

The reliable solution for severe to profound hearing loss.  nMosaic P brings direct streaming and MyCore features for wearers with even severe hearing loss. It fits comfortably yet stays discreet.

Direct Streaming

Direct connectivity to iPhones. TVs and other Bluetooth enabled devices via Smart Transmitter 2.4 and Smart Mic.

My Voice

Ensures a wearer’s natural own voice impression. My voice recognizes the wearer’s individual voice and processes it differently than other voices and sounds.

Optional T-coil

Optional battery door with integrated T-coil ensures optimal understanding in locations equipped with loop system.

MyCore Features:

  • My Voice
  • Direct Audio Streaming to Phones
  • Binaural Signal Processing
  • Easily connects with smartphones*, TV and other devices
  • Can be remotely controlled via remote or App
* Bluetooth® enabled