Connexx SD 270 Audiometer

• Air, bone and speech audiometry
• Pure tone, continuous, pulsed and warble tones
• Range of clinical test
• Free field equalization
• Compact and easy to use
• Talk forward/back function
• Integrated microphone
• Optional printer
• Optional insert earphones

The Connexx SD 270 Audiometer is a diagnostic
audiometer that excels in the critical areas
of technology, ergonomics and ease of use.

A comprehensive specification including
several clinical tests, transducer output
choices and test result recording options
together with unsurpassed product
reliability is made possible by the use of
advanced digital technology.

The controls are arranged in a clear and
logical manner. Test information appears
instantaneously on the large integral display
which is set at an optimal viewing angle.

Ease of Use
A reduced test time is achieved with the
use of the threshold retention facility and
quiet, positive action rotary controls. Test
results can be saved in memory (AC, BC and ULL),
printed with the optional printer or exported via
the NOAH compatible interface.

The Connexx SD 270 Audiometer is a very
compact audiometer and has the flexibility
to be used for both clinic and portable
applications. The lightweight carrying case
is designed to accommodate
the audiometer and accessories.

Standard equipment
• Audiometric headset DD 45
(compatible with TDH 39)
• Bone conductor headset B 71
• Patient response switch with 1.5 m cable
• Audiogram cards (50)
• Operational manual
• Mains adaptor with EU, US and UK adaptors
• Carrying case

Optional equipment
• Insert earphones (Eartone 5A)
• Noah Interface software
• External printer and lead
• Masking earpiece and lead
• Monitor headset
• Microphones(s)