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GSI Tympstar


Your Comprehensive Middle-Ear Testing Solution

We’ve designed the GSI TympStar to suit the clinical needs of audiologist and hearing specialists worldwide.  No other middle-ear analyzer offers a broader range of testing capabilities, and no other system provides hearing professionals with the versatility, flexibility and functionality they demand – whether in a clinical or research setting.

Versatility is the Key

The GSI TympStar comes pre-programmed with a series of default paramaters for each test mode.  As your testing needs change, however, the GSI TympStar also allows you to easily alter test parameters through its Program Mode.  You can even automate a desired test sequence.  By using the Program Mode, the GSI TympStar alsi makes it possible for multiple operators to program their own default parameters for tymapnometry and reflex-threshold testing.

Comprehensive testing made Simple

The GSI TympStar’s ergonomically designed control panel allows you to select a test protocol by simply pressing a single button, and its large screen makes for easy viewing of test parameters, possible alternatives and test results.  The high-speed printer generates reports in concise graphical or tabular formats that are easy to read.  GSI TympStar options include:

• VGA monitor for displaying test results

• External printer that produces test results in a larger format

• Keyboard for entering patient information

The GSI TympStar alsi offers several options for managing and archiving data, including:

• Internal memory for string up to 26 test results

• Standard RS 232

• NOAH-compatibility for easy data management

• Multilingual display, instrument controls and printout