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Understanding Puretone Audiometry: Air & Bone Conduction

Puretone Audiometry is more than just a hearing test; it’s a window into the intricate world of sound perception. At Ear Diagnostics Inc., we believe in providing a comprehensive understanding of your auditory health. Diving into Puretone Audiometry: Puretone Audiometry measures an individual’s hearing sensitivity across different frequencies. Through a series of tones varying in pitch and volume, we can map out the nuances of your hearing capabilities.

Air Conduction

Air Conduction: This method gauges the efficiency of sound waves traveling through the outer and middle ear. It’s a fundamental aspect of audiometry testing.


Bone Conduction

Bone Conduction: Directly assessing the inner ear’s response, this method uses a vibrating device placed on the mastoid bone or forehead, bypassing the outer and middle ear.

The Significance of Puretone Audiometry:

Pinpointing the exact nature and degree of hearing loss.

Guiding recommendations for suitable hearing aids or other interventions.

Establishing a foundational reference for future hearing evaluations.


Why Trust Ear Diagnostics Inc.?

Our dedicated team of audiologists is not only trained in the latest techniques but also believes in a patient-first approach. We ensure that every individual receives a thorough analysis, understanding, and comfort throughout the process.

Your hearing is a treasure. Let's ensure it's at its best.
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