NEW !!! Now the ENDODIGI is available to be used with Touch Screen computers !!

The ENDODIGI equipment is a capturing system for images, video and sound, specially designed for use in the doctor’s office. It also suitable for diagnostic and surgical endoscopies, gynecology, video microscopy, and other applications that involve a video signal.

It’s a small, portable box that can be used with a laptop or desktop computer, using the USB port connections.

The system includes a footswitch control, which allows the user to capture images, and start stop videos providing freedom for hands.

User-friendly software, allows the user to capture a large amount of data images, videos and sounds, which are digitally stored in the computer.

It includes a patient database and image/video banks that organize the information and facilitates the search of specific images and or videos.

Easy of use EDIT function for videos, that allows the user to cut off the undesired part of videos at the beginning and the end of the specific procedure. This feature is a time and disk space saver since allow the user to preserve only the valuable part of the captured video.

It also provides digital recording sound capabilities, in order to document patient’s voice.

The compare function allows the user to compare 2 or more pictures, from the same or different patient.

The report includes the image selected by the user and is easy to configure.

The system allows the image importation from any JPG picture.

The export function is available for Videos (wmv format) and Images (jpg format).

Printing is easy, and uses any windows compatible printer.