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Clinical Audiometer

GSI 61™


The GSI 61 is the versatile, two-channel clinical audiometer from the most respected name in the audiological industry With its state-of-the-art, two-channel design, the GSI 61 allows for fast, accurate pure tone and speech testing, using phones (TDH, insert and high frequency), bone vibrator and sound field speakers for output. It features both status and audiogram screen layouts for data presentation.

It even has an articulating screen – making the GSI 61 not only easy to use, but easy to view, too!
The GSI 61 is not only designed to meet the changing needs of busy clinics and practices around the world, it is also designed to be easy to use. In fact, the control panel of the GSI 61 is arranged similarly to the GSI 16   but with some great additions.
• Display of the status or audiogram screen during testing
• Articulating LCD and ergonomic front panel, designed to fit all operators comfortably
• The ability to store audiogram results
• Faster response from controls, especially dB HL
• Fast, accurate testing
• Audiogram format and status format
• Scorer/timer
• Dual channel control
• Articulating LCD and ergonomic keyboard, designed to fit all operators comfortably
• Mixing/Routing capabilities allow operator to mix signals and direct them to either or both ears, making hearing aid evaluation easier than ever
• Direct calibration for TDH headset and bone vibrator
The GSI 61 comes with everything you’ll need to perform a clinical audiometric test with maximum speed and efficiency. It also offers several options to further enhance your testing capabilities.
• Printouts feature formatted reports in color for easy reading of audiograms
• High frequency capabilities to test the effects of ototoxic drugs
• Test storage for transfer to a printer or external computer
• Direct calibration for insert phones
Finished with all that stored data? Just press the data erase button.
Using pen and paper to record audiograms? Press the standard frequency audiogram display button, and you’ll see test results from phones, bone vibrator, and speakers displayed simultaneously. Then, if you want to switch to the status or high frequency display, a touch of a button is all it takes.
Using a stop watch and stick figures to tally tone decay and speech testing? With the GSI 61, you can simply press the timer/score button when you’re on the status display instead, and enjoy more accurate and more convenient scoring.
Want a printout of the audiogram to save time and improve throughput? Just add the printer option and attach an HP color Deskjet printer, then press the print button — it’s that easy!
Need to save test data? Just press the Data Save button and your test information will be displayed on the audiogram screen and stored for transfer to a printer or external computer.
Thanks to all the options available with the GSI 61, you can literally build your system from the ground up.  Start with the basic GSI 61.  It lets you perform air and bone conduction testing with pure tone and live voice speech testing while monitoring the test results on the status or audiogrm displays.  Then, as your requirements grow, add more options: the Sound Field option that best fits your needs, a CD player, high frequency phones, insert phones, a printer, or an RS 232 port.  In the end, you’ll have an audiometer that perfectly suits the needs of your clinic or practice.  The GSI 61 is the only audiometer that can keep growing as your needs do.
To meet the worldwide needs for a clinical audiometer, the GSI 61 is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Speed.  Versatility. Quality. Thanks to nearly 60 years of experience in the audiological industry, you can count on GSI to deliver all those things and more.  Much more. See for yourself why the GSI 61 is the only clinical audiometer you’ll ever want to use.

MA 53

True two channel function,

Frequency range 125 to 12.000 Hz

Upgrade to high tone audiometry/AC  up to 16.000 Hz with HDA 200   801110-1

– To be ordered in addition to the audiometer, update in Berlin only-

Optional Accessories for Models MA 51, MA 53:

• Loudspeaker SBC (1 piece)

• Loudspeaker Canton 310F (1 pc.) 801 154 Cable for loudspeaker Canton 310 F (set of 2 pcs.)

• Wall mounting for loudspeaker Canton 310 F (set of 2 pcs.) 801 662 Insert phones Eartone 3A

• Insert phones Eartone 5A

• Talk-back microphone 6 619 Monitor phone

• Assistant phone – MA 53 only

• Y-Cord for assistant phone

• CD Player

• Connecting cable CD Player/Audiometer

• Patch cords for sound room — also for MA 50 – each

• Extra charge for delivery with bone conduction headset with masking BKH 10-3