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Emerald TruCore RIC

Introducing Emerald M 6c TruCore

Our premium Emerald™ receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids are now available with our TruCore™ Technology in three models –  the Emerald M, S, and XS. Enjoy a more natural listening experience than ever with these discreet, feature-rich devices.



Emerald™ M 6c

Emerald M 6c is perfect whether you’re a new or experienced wearer looking for a discreet, convenient hearing aid that keeps you connected to everything you want to hear. This includes your wireless audio devices. It is small yet fully featured – proving hi-tech can come in a small package. Two rechargeable RIC hearing aids that are small yet fully-featured with wireless remote audio streaming when used with the Smart Connect, and handy apps for discreet control.  Available in 30 level.