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Circa AI

Circa AI

Circa™ AI is the world’s first hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence to provide superior sound quality and the ability to track Activity and Engagement health. And our Mask Mode feature helps make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks.


  • To hear comfortably in challenging environments
  • An easier way to hear people who are wearing masks
  • The convenience of adjustments on the go
  • To live a more active and healthy life
  • Rechargeable and reliable hearing aids
  • Better wireless streaming
  • A solution for single-sided hearing loss
  • Hearing that happens intuitively
  • Hearing that’s personalized for you
  • No buzzing or whistling
  • Durable, dependable hearing aids
  • Music the way it was meant to be heard
  • Customizable tinnitus relief
  • Thrive Hearing Control app
  • Hearing aid accessories
  • Smartphone Compatibility