How to Protect Your Ears?

Here are some ways that will help you protect your ears.

  1. Avoid too much loud noises. Noise is measured by decibels and there are certain decibels of sound that a human can tolerate but too much exposure to it can cause serious and even permanent damage to your ears. Experts say that prolong exposure to noises 85dB or above can cause hearing loss. 85 decibels is comparable to the sound produced by a lawn mower, or when you are in a heavy traffic.
  2. Do not use earphones or headphones over a long period of time in high volumes. Our ears need to rest also just like the rest of our body. Observe the 60/60 rule when using headphones or earphones. It states that the volume of your device must 60%, and every 60 minutes, you need to have a “quiet time” or rest for your ears. It is advisable that you use the smart volume feature of your music player when it is available.
  3. If you cannot avoid exposing yourself from loud noises, you must wear proper ear protection such as ear plugs. Especially if the nature of your work requires you to be exposed to noise 85 decibels and higher for a long period of time, your ears must be well protected.
  4. Rest your ears. When you are in a bar for about 2 hours and your ears are exposed to 100 decibels of sound or higher, then chances are the sensitive bone structures in your ears may be damaged. A study conducted by a renown research organization states that your ears must have at least 16 hours of rest when exposed to 2 hours of 100dB noise level.
  5. Be careful when using cotton bud when cleaning your ears because it can sometimes damaged the inner parts of the ears. Do not push it too much inside the ear; just clean the outer parts of the ear with it.

On a final note, remember that your ears are a very vital part of your body. It must be taken care of just like the other parts of the body.